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    "To be fair, [Bosch] Fawstin is technically correct: Nightrunner could in fact turn out to be a Jihadist. He could also turn out to be a shape-shfiting martian, or a secret Dracula, or a robot created by Lex Luthor, or even Daywalker, the real Nightrunner’s evil counterpart from Earth-3. All of which are scenarios that I’m pretty sure are more likely than the sudden reveal that he’s infiltrating Batman’s team to commit acts of terror. He is a fictional character. He is incapable of duping DC Comics into thinking he’s something he isn’t, because he was entirely created by DC Comics. This is a pretty basic understanding of the nature of fiction here."
    Comics Alliance blogger and professional Batmanologist Chris Sims talks about his appearance on The Daily Show this week, promoting tolerance and Batman. Link
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