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    Notes on My Son’s Robin Costume

    Field and I ended up basing his Robin costume on Tim Drake’s second Robin look, which coincidentally, was SUPER close to a Robin redesign I’d done in college, which makes sense since the designer (I believe Ed McGuinness) and I both were inspired by Bruce Timm’s second Robin look. McGuinness cleverly added long sleeves, a pouch belt, gauntlet “jags,” and the feathered cape, all of which smartly served to bring Robin’s costume closer to Batman’s than ever before.

    For Field’s costume, I’d initially planned on copying my redesign from You’ll Be Safe Here, but Field favored a black and yellow cape rather than the green one, I’d designed, and the hood seemed a bit difficult for me and my mom to work. I’d also planned on the nod to Damian’s tunic, but I didn’t want to attempt modifying the Under Armor fabric, and it looked fine tucked in.

    For the feet, I found lace-up Converse boots that only needed a little Plasti-Dip black on the white parts to get them up to code, and they served as a nod to Damian’s kicks. I added DC booth give-away Damian “R” symbol buttons to the side for an extra touch of quality. The belt-buckle and mask are from a Teen Titans cartoon show Robin playset I bought nearly ten years ago to get the included Titans communicator (that, infuriatingly, looks amazing, but doesn’t play the right ringtone). The belt is a simple child’s belt spray-painted yellow.

    The “R” symbol is a patch someone bought me a few years ago for my birthday, and I used to wear it on a red cardigan to conventions. That seemed like a good thing to pass on to my boy. The gloves are long costume gloves from Party City, hemmed to the forearm, and the trunks are women’s athletic shorts from Target. I also got him a large wooden dowel and painted it silver to look like Tim’s aluminum bo staff, but we haven’t taken any pictures with it. Yet.

    I wanted to post these notes because I find costuming for Halloween incredibly enjoyable, and I was raised by my mom to make costumes at home by modifying easily assembled off-the-rack pieces, because we both agree they end up looking much higher in quality than most store-bought costumes. And I wanted to talk about it because I wanted to show how easy it is to be on the lookout and put together a damn good costume relatively inexpensively over the course of the month, with a few modifications to the original pieces. Also, I wanted to point out that costumes don’t have to be rigidly tied to one interpretation of the character. I feel like this custom Robin looks INCREDIBLY authentic as the Boy Wonder, but clearly is a collection of curated nods to various versions of the character, like many of the designs I made for You’ll Be Safe Here.

    Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the additional info! :)

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