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Ask me something   I made Something Terrible, created Butterfly, co-founded Project: Rooftop, co-host The Last Cast podcast, ramble on Twitter, and I have a

    FREE SQUARE VINYL COVER ART DECALS for everyone at the $25 dollar reward level and above! 

    Yay! We’re getting stickers!

    Thank you so much, new chums! You’ve made this project such a joy, which seems crazy, given the subject matter. But hearing your stories and how mine has helped you and your loved ones is making has made my heart shine brighter than the bat-signal. I can’t tell you how happy I feel to have made something special, something useful, for those whose pain I know so well.

    The timing of everything with this has also been so special. Celebrating Grant Morrison’s birthday yesterday seemed so very appropriate, and with one day left to pledge, this campaign is at over 650% of the original goal, and I’m heading today to the screening of Legends of the Knight, Brett Culp’s documentary on the power of Batman to inspire hope, empathy, and determination in the lives of people from all around the country! Anyone in the Athens, Georgia area, feel free to come join us!

    One short day left, super friends! Keep the signal on. <3


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      If you haven’t already,please support this wonderful book.
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      ISAW DREAM FINALLY A sPOT JUST FOR HIM he needs to be noticed too! a hero too Dream my hero!
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