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Ask me something   I made Something Terrible, created Butterfly, co-founded Project: Rooftop, co-host The Last Cast podcast, ramble on Twitter, and I have a

    Batman And Robin #35 variant cover by Chris Burnham.

    Batman And Robin #35 variant cover by Chris Burnham.

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    Additional thoughts following G. Willow Wilson’s post today.

    As readers of my site may have noticed, I’ve made a special point of making Project: Rooftop a welcome place for female creators and used my little platform to help build a bigger fanbase for some who have gone on to work at DC, Marvel, and Image.

    But a few years ago, when one of them had portfolio reviews at the Marvel and DC offices, we met up afterwards and she was angry and disheartened to find the reviewers both made sexist comments, insinuated that her work was done by her boyfriend, and asked her what she was doing later. Seriously. Comics should be a welcome, safe place for everyone. Actually, fuck that, EVERYWHERE should be that. But if the people running superhero comics, the most successful moral heroes of the last century can’t get it through their heads to treat the majority of people in this country (you know, women) as equals, then I don’t even know.

    I was disappointed when after three years of slow progress working for DC, we couldn’t make Lois Lane, Girl Reporter a reality, all because they can’t get it through their twisted, self-centric ideas of what comics fans are, to the TRUTH, that there are women and girls who love these characters. And many of them want to be a part of shaping these inspirational worlds. But for all my own project rejections and slights, I can’t remember a time I’ve been angrier at the establishment than I was when I heard one of the talented friends I’ve been in awe of since I first saw her work was treated so shittily by some douchebags in New York offices who have never had to do the jobs they are in charge of overseeing, just because she was a woman.

    You MAY know someone who loves superheroes as much as I do, but you DON’T know someone who loves them MORE than I do. (SEE: HERE) And this shit makes being even tangentially related to these people feel disgusting.

    Great, great essay, G. Willow Wilson. I cannot WAIT for your new Ms. Marvel series, and it’s been truly uplifting to see inspirational female creators like you and Kelly Sue DeConnick become fan faves, in and outside of your work. Batman’s my pretend hero. Creators like you are giving the fans real people to look up to, especially those who need them most, in this industry that keeps intentionally pushing them away.

    (Writer G. Willow Wilson’s original post can be found here, and is worth your time.)

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    "I really don’t think Marvel and DC are helping things by having gritty, R-rated versions of their superheroes in their main comics – what they sell as the “real” versions – while simultaneously selling those exact same characters in kids’ comics and plastering them all over lunchboxes and animated cartoons… Casual readership by kids, or by parents for their kids, is effectively impossible the way things are currently structured. And I think the waters are muddied too far now to claw that ground back. I think it’s insane that DC have spent 70 years making Superman as big as Mickey Mouse, and branding him to be understood by parents as being pretty much as kid-friendly as Mickey Mouse, only to piss that brand away in a decade. Nothing wrong with doing mature content in comics – in fact, it should be encouraged as often as possible – but doing it with characters who are on your kids’ lunchboxes is kind of moronic. Take a lesson from Watchmen and come up with new characters for that stuff. And then go back to Superman and Batman and put the same kind of love and effort and craft and intelligence you’ve been putting into all those rape scenes and body mutilations into something kids can read, and adults can also be proud to read because of all the love and effort and craft and intelligence you’ve put into it, and make those the “real” versions."
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My favorite picture of my more intimate, personal, and very close-to-my-heart Batwoman/Kate Kane set <3


    My favorite picture of my more intimate, personal, and very close-to-my-heart Batwoman/Kate Kane set <3


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    this is what my soul looks like

    this is what my soul looks like

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    And then, of course the attitude—and I probably shared in this when I first started working for American comics—the attitude now is that it’s just toys in the toy box, isn’t it? You get to play with your favorite toys from the DC or Marvel toy box. Yeah, I don’t want to do that anymore. Those toys were pried out of the fingers of dead men, and were pried from their families and their children. That’s just wrong.

    Everybody in the industry knows it’s wrong and for some reason, nobody says anything about it.

    Alan Moore, in this long, but very interesting new interview.
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