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Ask me something   I made Something Terrible, created Butterfly, co-founded Project: Rooftop, co-host The Last Cast podcast, ramble on Twitter, and I have a

    "Man, the All Star Superman #1 cover was brilliant. When everything on the shelves is showing dudes in tights punching their allies for no reason, and most Superman writers are trying to find some way for a friend to betray him so he can “lose it” and “cross the line” and flip on his heat vision eyes just to look tough, Morrison and Quitely’s cover breaks all that nonsense with an engaging swerve. Not for nothing, but it’s the same reason my most well-known drawing is of Supergirl serenely floating backwards in the sky with her eyes closed. When everything is loud, a whisper breaks through."
    Me (Dean Trippe) on criticism of Frank Quitely’s brilliant cover to his and Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman #1, by series logo designer Chip Kidd and others. From the comments on this article at Super Punch. (The Supergirl drawing I mentioned is here.)
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